Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2013 Part II

The RV provided a couple of highlights last summer.

The first was a trip near the end of June with Seth & Amy to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone
We were packed into the RV like Sardines. All 10 of us - 2 in the back, 2 where Jakey is playing early morning video games, 1 on the floor, 2 baby beds, Ellie on the couch and 2 more up top where I'm taking the photo.  

We stayed in an RV Park in Jackson Hole and I went on a morning run after a long night of making sure my babies didn't wake anyone. It was a welcomed and beautiful morning.

My boys hanging out. Dad on his laptop and Cael just chillin'. Classic.

Kaylyn LOVES her cousins

But she plays it pretty cool sometimes;)

She also loves animals - this one is just a stuffed one or else I don't think she'd be so brave.

Lunch at The Bunnery

Such a sweet moment napping with my baby.

Kaylyn always plays with my hair to go to sleep, but Cael's was more accessible here.

My little family - I spy Micah in the background.

Kaylyn loved collecting rocks and flowers at Jenny Lake.

The kids collecting rocks and Sam and Ellie exploring in the shallow water.

Have you ever seen the view from Jackson Lodge? I had never been there before though I've been to Yellowstone several times. It was breathtaking.

We love our Jaynie!

We're all family here. I can't help but imagine having a whole gaggle of children. Here we have 6, but we hope for 7:)

The girls were teaching Kaylyn a dance inside the lodge so here she is performing some of her moves.

We love these people!!
One of the many beautiful sites inside Jackson Lodge.

Our next RV adventure was a long weekend in August with just our family to the Uintah's. 
Kaylyn makes herself right at home in the RV
This was the perfect setup. While Micah was driving I could throw both kids into the pack n' play and they could see out the front window and I didn't have to worry about them falling over when we turned or a bump in the road.

We got to the Mirror Lake campground late so there were no spots available (a typical Christensen family vacation occurrence:) . After driving around for quite some time, we parked in the day time camp area and ended up staying the night without getting kicked out.
 The following is a step by step shoot of Kaylyn helping Dad gather firewood and get it started.

She is such a great helper and was so proud of herself! Man I love this girl. And this guy:)

Tin foil dinners

My boo casting out.

At one point while we were watching Daddy attempt the last catch of the day during a light rain shower Kaylyn suddenly called out, "Nice cast Daddio!" 

We found the perfect chair for Cael.

Kaylyn can't wait to go in the Sunburst 300 with Dad.

All suited up.
Cael and I enjoyed our time together while they were out on the water. He is cuuuuute.

I took a spin with Kaylyn and we relaxed in the sun.

Cael had a great trip! We love camping - RV style:)

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