Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Extravaganza

This Valentine's Day was wonderful from start to finish...and then some. I went to a fitness class before the rest of my little family woke up and grabbed some delicious donuts from the Provo Bakery on my way home. Kaylyn couldn't have been more excited by her pink sprinkled donut (though her face may not exactly express that. She was focused;) I loved how she ate the frosting and sprinkles on the top first. 

Next I took Cael into the pediatrician because he's had a super high fever for the past four days. Sure enough it was an ear infection - his first one. I don't usually like to go to the doc unless we really need to so I was waiting to see if his fever and runny nose would work itself out, but after 4 days we went. I really appreciate being able to talk to the nurse at our pediatrician's office any time to help me determine if I should be worried and bring the kids in right away or just let the sickness run its course. Anywho, we got the blessed antiobiotics that we needed and within 24 hours we had our energetic little busy body back. It's so great to see your kids well again!

On our way back I stopped in for a quick oil change at the Jiffy Lube in Orem on State Street. They gave me a white rose as I checked out - cute Jiffy Lube. It made me smile.

But even cuter - actually a whole lot cuter - was my sweet husband who got flowers for me and Chancha. He wanted to be the first one ever to give Kaylyn flowers. Isn't he a sweet dad?
 The fun continues. We had a family Valentine's sleepover at the Double Tree downtown Salt Lake (formerly known as the Embassy Suites where we frequently stayed with my dad when we were growing up. I have wonderful memories of ordering free Shirley Temples (coincidentally the actress Shirley Temple just passed away on Feb 10th) and popcorn during lunch hour and eating amazing pancake and waffle breakfasts that were included with our stay). We had some Thai food in Lehi on our way up and went swimming until 10pm at the hotel. Kaylyn loves the water and could've stayed all night in the pool.

Lately Kaylyn puts on her cheesiest smile for the camera. 
 The next morning we took our time waking up and headed to The Park Cafe near Liberty Park. Let me just say, it was deliciousness.
I ordered the French Toast Foolishness and it was goo-ood. I suppose they call it foolishness because no one should eat that much food in one sitting, but most do because it's so tasty. 

Micah got their special - Huevos Rancheros and he was equally pleased. We have an unintentional tradition of eating breakfast for lunch when we're on vacation because we usually don't get out of the hotel until 11am or so. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so it works out wonderfully:)
 Then while Micah waited in the car doing some work on his laptop the kids and I went "strollin'" (Kaylyn's favorite Baby Signing Time reference) at Liberty Park.

Both kids were captivated by the ducks and geese. I tried to get them to look at me for the pic, but this shows their real interest. Did I mention it was almost 60 degrees outside?

I didn't realize that Cael had fallen asleep somewhere along the way back home. It looked even funnier in real life, but as you can see he is gone burgers. 

Next we headed to Rach & Todd's house to see our newest niece Molly. She is oh so sweet and such a blessing for the Nelsons and all of us. I want to hold her some more:) Finally we headed to Midvale to meet our good friends the Zimmers at the Bohemian Brewery & Grill. We love them. They always introduce us to cool new restaurants. I love their taste and I just love them. It was a wonderful evening.

And that was our Valentine's Extravaganza. Micah rocks.

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