Friday, February 7, 2014

We had a baby...last year:)

I have some catching up to do....
Part I
There were a couple of notable events in the few days before Cael was born. Here is Micah mailing off the final papers to sell a property (that shall remain un-named) that has plagued our lives almost since the day he bought it years ago. We joked that maybe our little Bandito was waiting to come out until we had that property off of our hands so that we could be stress free.
On March 21, 2013 I was 6 days overdue so when Micah asked if we wanted to go with him to an auction near Bear Lake we couldn't refuse - otherwise I'd sit home and just wonder why my baby wasn't coming out yet.
 Sure enough, I went into labor at midnight that night - property sold, new Bear Lake cabin purchased - and 11 hours later (only 3 of which were hard labor, but oh my goodness it was hard. The little guy was posterior and I was in a birthing center and I can't believe I survived it. The first thing I said to him when he came out was, "You were hard to get out Buddy.")
 Here's our happy family of 4. None of us "recognized" him when he came out because he had all this dark hair and we couldn't see any resemblance except for that he weighed the exact weight that his sister did when he came out - 9lbs 3 oz.
March 22, 2013 at the birthing center
March 25, 2013
My new life as a mother of 2.
 My little wolverine. March 27, 2013
Grumpy old man, but Sister sure is happy:) March 30, 2013
 Grandma Chelle holding Cael with Kaylyn and her two cousins.
Kaylyn having snacks (which were usually always little oranges or apple slices at this age) while watching Signing Time on the couch.
Who doesn't love a photo of their husband sleeping with their baby? Aren't they sweet? And so handsome?
Some of his first smiles.
Ward Clerk. Gotta love that receding hair line:)
Below are some pics that Aunt Amy took just three weeks after Cael was born while we were all hanging out in St. George. Amy is our family photographer - engagement photos, family photos, baby/kid photos, you get the idea. She is one talented lady. 

Audrey and Drewby hung out at our house while their parents were at a BYU rugby game in May. Kaylyn sure loves her cousins. Audrey is the cutest little mama. Micah said that the pic of Drew & Kaylyn reminds him of an awkward dance pic;)

I had a brainstorm session with Audrey and Drew to decide what we wanted to do before their parents got back. They came up with the idea to have a lemonade stand. We set up on the corner by Brick Oven where everyone from the rugby game would be coming by.
Audrey couldn't believe we were really doing it. I love this pic that Micah snapped as Audrey laughs in disbelief and excitement.
 The little entrepreneurs at work. 

Drew was a great sign holder. He's got his game face on.

Here we are checking out the progress of the former Provo Tabernacle that's being restored and transformed into the Provo City Center Temple. How exciting!! The entire building was being supported on stilts as they excavated under and around it.

For Mother's Day Micah let me choose what to do. I wanted to go up to Sundance after church and have a picnic with our little family. We had done the same thing for Father's Day and it was so enjoyable. This little lady is so full of personality. She makes us laugh every day. Her little mind is so amazing and bright.

Sam & Ellie also got to stay with us for a couple of days last July while they were going to BYU sports camp (lacrosse and soccer) and Kaylyn couldn't have been more spoiled by their attention. 

 They tired her out with all of the fun. She was fast asleep as Sam carried her up to our condo. She called affectionately calls him "Ham"
But she tired them out too - or maybe it was playing lacrosse all day in the hot sun. 

 4th of July with Grandpa Allen and Grandma Janny. This crew couldn't be more American!
Kaylyn and Grandpa Craig dancing to Uncle Jason's band "Hectic Hobo" at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake during part of our Richards Family Reunion July 13, 2013

Kaylyn's older cousins love dressing her up. 

She obviously enjoys it:)

At the fish farm just below Grandpa Allen's house

What would a family reunion be without swimming at Grandma Gwen's?
To be continued...

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