Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!

Today is Kaylyn's first birthday! Yesterday we had a little party at Kiwanis Park with some family and friends. This was our Facebook invite:
Come celebrate Kaylyn's 1st Birthday with us this Saturday at Kiwanis Park! We will be having all but two of the following festivities:
1. Pinata
2. Greased pig contest
3. Micah dressed up as Nacho Libre (in honor of our little Chancha)
4. Birthday cake and light snack
5. Egg toss competition
6. Special birthday tribute by Elvis impersonator
See you Saturday at 1pm!

So we had it all except for the greased pig contest and the Elvis impersonator. I was trying my best to get Micah to dress in the full Nacho Libre costume - stretchy pants and all - but in the end we settled for the mask only. It was still a hit! Even little Kaylyn was interested yet slightly concerned at the sight. She still wanted her daddy to hold her even when he had the mask on because she recognized his voice and trusts him so much. It was very sweet.

We had Domino's pizza (that's our favorite lately), chips & salsa, the pinata, an egg toss contest (which my mom and Craig won), bubbles for the kids, cake/cupcakes, creamies, and presents. It was a fun afternoon and we were so happy that Kaylyn was surrounded by so many people who love her and people that we love so much too! 

She was very slow and deliberate about eating her cake. Everyone kept saying how "lady-like" she was. That's so her. Very calm and deliberate. We love how her little personality shows through in everything she does.
Opening presents with a little help from her friends.
After the party Kaylyn decided to clap her hands for the first time and she's been doing it on demand ever since. Like Micah's sister Rachel said, it is soooo cute. We watched the BYU vs Utah football game that night and cried ourselves to sleep after an emotional roller coaster of an ending where BYU lost by a field goal. Other than that it was a wonderful day!

September 17, 2011 BYU vs Utah football game watched from the hospital the day after she was born.
September 15, 2012 BYU vs Utah football game watched from our house the day before her first birthday. Yes, we're wearing the exact same shirts that we did a year ago. We all look a little bit older too:)
Today we went to Stake Conference then came home and had a family nap. Micah had to go to a meeting so he left Kaylyn and I home sleeping and we slept for 3 hours! Kaylyn slept for 3 hours and 25 minutes. What a great nap! When Dad came home we delivered birthday cupcakes to the Davidsons, B-Money, and Willy then went over to the duck pond south of campus. It was fun spending the day with just our little family to celebrate Kaylyn's birthday. After she went to sleep Micah and I watched the videos from her birth. It brought back all sorts of emotions, tears, and gratitude for the sweet baby that has been ours for the past year. We never thought it would be so good. 

She only starting clapping yesterday and she's already so good at it! This little girl is very talented:)
Catching a duck feather. She loves the watching the ducks and the birds at the pond. 
This is her "sqeeeeze" move. One of her latest tricks that she thinks is hilarious. We obviously do too:)

This girl loves her daddy. She's got the best one in the world!
So here's to our calm, sweet demeanored, deliberate, fun but shy, playful, car seat sleeping, dancing, trusting, affectionate, animal loving, seven-toothed snuggler. Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you so much. You have made the last year of our lives so much fun, so full of gratitude, and oh so good. Happy birthday Chancharelli.