Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

One of my favorite Christensen family traditions is the Nativity play on Christmas Eve before we do the piƱata.

This year Micah was the narrator and Joel was the donkey. 
Three little shepherds

Angels & Shepherds peeking out from backstage
anxiously awaiting their turn.
Angels Ashley & Emily brought "glad tidings of great joy"
and even helped the narrator out. 

The sweetest little Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. Ellie does a great
job of taking care of her little brother Jacob.
After the Nativity was over, Ellie & Jayne performed a Christmas song
for us complete with actions that they made up.
All of the nieces and nephews, except for the Nelsons.
We missed them so much!
These cousins love each other!
So cute!
Allen & Janis gave each family these little monkeys that roll around on the
floor laughing. Every time one came close to Will he screamed and tried to get
his toes out of the way. It was hilarious.
Parker wasn't scared at all. The monkeys cracked him up!
After a wonderful Christmas morning of watching Seth & Amy's kids open all of their presents, we drove to my dad's house to spend the day with them. Kim & Clay brought B-Money with them from Provo so he could spend the day with us. He was great! After Tanner gave him a welcome hug he said, "You're tummy is big." B quickly replied, "Yeah, but it's not going to be that way soon!"
B got this little fan as a present from Santa, but Tanner loved it so much that
B-Money wrapped it back up and gave it to him. 

Micah was stoked about his new "Grumpy Old Men" hat:)
Baby Kate
Baby Kate and her mommy
Kate couldn't get enough Pez
After dinner at Dad's we came home to sleep at our house. Micah and I
finished our Christmas together. I've loved our real tree, homemade ornaments,
lights, and nativity in our home. 

These are the homemade chocolates that Grandma Gwen has made for each of her kids
and grandkids for so many years. They're sooo delicious. Even at 90 years old and
with all of her aches and pains she made hundreds of chocolates and boxed them up
according to what each person likes. She's so amazing. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fun New Game

If you're ever lucky enough to get a package of candy and find two gummy life savers stuck together, try this new game: Start with the two gummies balanced on the bridge of your nose and try to get them into your mouth - no hands! Here goes Micah:

We have a winner!