Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle Christensens Visit BYU

Seth and Amy and their kids came and visited BYU for a day. Micah played tour guide and I was able to join them for part of the afternoon. These kids are so photogenic!

Jacob such a smiley baby! A true Cougar:)

Jayne is quite the performer. Shyness is not part of her make up. She was cracking us up all day as she kept singing one line from a song she learned from the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, "Three little birds" using a special accents to say "burds." In this picture we told her to do one of her "sassy" poses. This is just one of many:) Her little jazz fingers were very deliberate.

Three future ninja Cougars.

This wasn't at BYU, but it includes more of our nieces and nephews. Once again, from the closed eyes to the crossed legs, Jayne performs for us. Andrew looks tough beyond his years. I'm not sure where Becca came up with her pose, but her confidence makes me believe. They're all getting so big. These are the greatest kids. We love them so much!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BYU Hawaii Freshman Reunion in Boulder, UT

We had a wonderful BYU-Hawaii freshman girlfriends weekend in Boulder, UT at Katie's family cabin. Katie, Steph, and Jess brought their kids and we had a great time playing with them, catching up with eachother, and relaxing.

The surroundings were amazing and the house had so much character - it is over 100 years old!

All the girls - R to L, Laura, Sam, Katie, Steph, Jessica, Charlie, Rachel, Amanda

Johnny kept inching his way closer to us to get in the pic. Glad he did:)

Laura and Mandy

Meet Charlie. Look at those blue eyes!

Avery and Charlie struttin' their stuff. I think Avery is playing hard to get;)

Avery is not quite sure about Charlie's new sword.

Charlie and his mom Jess.

A nearby fishing/swimming pond - but it was too cold that day to take a dip.

All the kids feeding the horses.

What a great weekend - thanks girls!