Friday, November 19, 2010

Pirate Island with B-Willie

Every time that Micah sells a house we "celebrate" by going out to eat, getting dessert, or doing an activity. I got a great deal for Pirate Island on Groupon for pizza, dessert, and tons of arcade tokens so I surprised Micah and brought B-Money and Willie along to sweeten the deal.

I wouldn't want to be racing these two drivers out on the road!

Willie was one fast cowboy with the wac-a-mole. I couldn't stop laughing all night!
It was so much fun!

Two little pirates
Two more pirates
Ski ball was  big hit!

Micah played this game and hit the jackpot - literally! He got 100 tickets. Over a month
later we asked Willie what he thought about the night and he said, "I remember that Micah
hit the jackpot!" 

Redeeming our tickets for some pirate treasure. Willie was really excited to get his
pirate eye patch.

What do you get when you cross a cowboy and  pirate?

A cowboy and his noble steed:)

The boys - doing what they know best

Willie was a great shot!
On our way out of the arcade, we passed a dance floor that was calling our name. B-Money gave me the pleasure of the first dance and couldn't help but smile as we twirled around together. Then I got Willie out there (B got a little jealous that he lost his dance partner;) and we got some instruction on salsa dancing. He was a natural:) Micah was a gentleman and the other two have all the fun. As fun as Pirate Island was, the dancing was the highlight!