Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weekend Gostoso

We had such a great weekend full of a wonderful variety of people. On Friday night we took Kaylyn camping for the first time with Trent and Megan Vukich for Trent's birthday. We got there quite a bit later than everyone else and they took such great care of us. Trent's friend and brother helped unload our car and set up our tent. Trent & Megan brought camp chairs for us without talking about it before hand (they knew we didn't have anything except for one stadium chair that we had brought camping with them last summer). They had dessert for us and even let us in on their delicious dutch oven breakfast the next morning. All we brought was boring oatmeal, like we always do:) They definitely camp in style. Our only redeeming act was bringing birthday Sobe bombs. They were a hit! The second one was so good that it got a deep voiced and  involuntary "Oh yeah!" from Micah when it went off. It was a great night!
Kaylyn all decked out in pink in our new tent. We actually got this tent from Mike & Jen for our wedding, but haven't used it yet. Now with a baby it'll come with us every time.
What a cute little pink sleeping bear.

Kaylyn slept great! She only woke up once in the night then  was up a little earlier in the morning because of the light.  Hopefully we'll have a summer full of camping!
On Saturday evening went to dinner with the Zimmers to Pizzeria 712. It wasn't just dinner, it was a dining experience! Ben and Brynn ordered for us and we tried a little big of everything. I really loved the gnocchi and of course the pizza. Everything was so delicious! Great conversation probably adds to the deliciousness of everything. We love spending time with them.

After dinner we headed over to Orem Days to meet up with Grauling, Jeremiah, Dallas, and their dates. We walked around the carnival (it was windy and cold) then watched the fireworks. Kaylyn slept through her first firework show! We also randomly ran into Jeff & Casey on our way there. It was great to see them. They gave us their extra ride tickets. We didn't end up going on any rides, so of course Micah sold the tickets to someone.

On Sunday evening we went for a walk around P-town and ran into our friends the Princes. We hadn't seen them for a while since they moved out of our ward, so it was great to catch up with them. Their little Stella is growing up so quickly! We also found out that Joe and Ben serve in their stake together. What a small world!

The whole weekend was so enjoyable because we got to spend it with such a variety of friends all of whom we love so much. Our relationships make life so sweet and so much fun!

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