Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Kickoff

Summer is so close I can taste it! Quite literally on Saturday night as we started a family tradition of kicking off our summer of camping with tinfoil dinners and s'mores. We invited Willie "the Sheriff" Talbot along with us and had such a great time! The weather was a little cool, which made the fire that much more enjoyable.

 Micah found firewood on his out of the Lowe's just before he came home that afternoon. He had that fire roaring in no time! What a man:) 

 Willie likes his marshmallows burnt to a crisp!
 After we ate our tin foil dinners we met up with Trent & Megan for some free ice skating with our Pass of All Passes. Willie babysat Kaylyn for us! He was great. On our way out of the rink a little boy pointed at Willie and said to his mom, "Mom, is that a real cowboy?" Willie didn't pass up the chance to shake the little boy's hand and tip his hat to him. I'm sure it made his week! (the boy and Willie:)

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