Monday, April 16, 2012

Utah Jazz and Grandma Gwen

I'd like to hand it to these fellas tonight...

Big Al, Harris, and Hayward. What a game! After triple overtime they pulled out the win! They fought especially hard because they needed this game to be able to make it to the playoffs. Defending champions Dallas Mavericks definitely made them work for it, their shots were unbelievable up until the very last 3-pointer. but the Jazz ended up 2 points richer at the final, final, final buzzer. Micah and I love watching great basketball together, especially when our team wins:) Our 91 year old Grandma Gwen (Kaylyn Gwenneth's namesake) loves the Jazz and we knew she'd be up watching the game so we called her to celebrate together at almost 11pm. She's the coolest Grandma in the world. We love her so much. Someday I'll try to put into words why she's my hero, but for now I'll leave it to Kaylyn to describe how much I think of Grandma:

This morning I went on a jog with my little sis, completely cleaned and wiped out the fridge, went to Costco with Micah, and then watched the Jazz pull out a great win. Good day.

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