Monday, November 19, 2012


Last week Aunt Amy sent Kaylyn these adorable boots that she found at The Villagio (a Seattle thrift store called The Villiage that has been affectionately renamed). As you can see below, Kaylyn LOVES her new boots. A couple of days after we got them she was wearing them around the house just before nap time. As I rocked her to sleep I quietly slipped off one boot and she started crying! Luckily she calmed quickly and I waited several minutes so that she could fall back asleep before I slipped off the other one. Thinking that I was in the clear, I took the other one off and she started crying again and wouldn't lay back down until I replaced the beloved boot. So Cinderella took a nice nap with one boot on:)

Visit to the BYU Bookstore. She's a true Cougar.
Watching Baby Signing Time with her best friends Snowman, Piggy (notice the shoes), and Lion. 
This girl loves eating apples all by herself.
Passing time in the waiting room while Sister Coleman had her eyes examined. 
We went the Riverwoods with the Ellis's for the  annual lighting event and stopped in at Provo Beach Resort. Kaylyn tried bowling for the first time. She obviously loved the lights on all of the arcade games. Dad found a game that only cost 13 cents to play and tried it once and won 75 tickets!

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