Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This was our 2nd annual pumpkin carving with the Ellis's the week before Halloween. Kaylyn loved my kitty cat carving  and makes the sound any time we come to the door and she sees it on our doorstep.
Oct. 24, 2012 was Kaylyn's first official day of walking. Here are some action shots of that evening at the Ellis's. 

The Saturday before Halloween Dallas joined me for a 5k run. Notice our "costumes." He has  a piece of tape with "costume" written on it on his shirt and I'm a pregnant soccer player. 
This is the 10 year old ghost that beat me in a sprint across the finish line. 
This little lion costume was my best purchase in a long while. $1.99 at Savers and it's Kaylyn's favorite thing! She asks for it first thing every morning, growls like a lion every time we put it on, and wants to wear it everywhere. Thank you Savers!

Trick-or-Treating at Chase Bank on Halloween morning.

I made some Halloween cakes for friends and our ward Trunk-or-Treat/carnival cake walk. Here's a little story about my husband: he remember hearing about a "cake walk" for the first time when he was about 10 years old. He couldn't believe that all you had to do was walk around in a circle, land on the lucky number, and you'd win a whole cake! He gets this one smile of his when he talks about it. So, there he is at the ward Halloween carnival. He decides to test his luck and try a round of the cake walk just hoping to make his 10 year old dreams come true. He steps in, stops on a number, they call his number, and WINNER!! He won his first cake walk! I was out delivering a cake when it happened and was sad to miss such a moment of glory, but so thrilled to hear him tell the story afterward. Dreams do come true folks. 

We finished the night off at Adrienne's house (Dally's lady) with the regular friend crew. It was a wonderful Halloween!

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