Saturday, July 14, 2012


Jeni invited us to come to her kid's photo shoot at FotoFly (great variety of backdrops, fabulous photographers and service) in Draper to get a cousin pic. They turned out so cute! Thanks so much Jen! 

Our cast of characters:

The Child children
Kate takes the cake for the cutest pose. Look at that smile! She looks sooo much like her mom in this pic.
Drew. Is. Awesome.
The Tan-Man
I can't comment too much on this one because of course I'm biased:) Kaylyn was a little nervous in the photo studio so this is the biggest smile we got out of her, but still, isn't she adorable?:) When we showed her dad he said, "Ohh, cute." It's pretty awesome what little girls can get their daddy's to say. 

You know she gets this from her mom. That pose. That smile. That sassy-ness. Oh how we love Ellie!! And Kimmy too:)
Four days old. We love our newest cousin so so much! P.S. He was born in the master closet at his house (not planned). Visit Kim & Clay's blog for details.
Kaylyn has enough hair to hold a little clip in!

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