Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

We had a fabulous Independence Day! We started out at 7am with the Cherry Days 5k in North Ogden. Fourteen year old nephew Nathan has been running with the track team lately and wanted to do this race but said, "I want to do it as a group!" He's such a good kid. Cousin/brother-in-law Todd and I ran with Nathan and he did awesome! Seven year old Andrew came in just a couple of minutes after us. His face was white as he came across the finish line and it took a little while before he no longer felt like throwing up, but he took first in his age group! He'd never ran a race before and maybe never ran that far before but he was determined to beat his little buddy Titan who kept taunting him:)
All the runners. Kaylyn and Micah were our cheerleaders along with Gpa Allen & Gma Janny.
 Kaylyn and Cousin Matthew. 
 Kaylyn Gwenneth and her namesake Grandma Gwen. After passing out popsicles in the parade for Gpa Allen we spent the afternoon swimming at Grandma Gwen's. 
 Kaylyn with Cousin Claire. They're one month apart and new best friends.

 These Christensen cousins love each other so much. All of my little nieces had a "girl meeting" and we planned a girls night for sometime this summer complete with a menu of pasta, salad, and cake. 

We had a BBQ and watched the fireworks from Aaron & Kim's backyard. The city decided to light the fireworks from Lyman's field right behind their house so we had the best seats ever! Kaylyn woke up to see her first fireworks. She was tired, but captivated during the whole show. It was a non-stop fun day!

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