Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We had a great friends weekend. On Friday night we "tripled" with the Ellis's, Jeremiah and his date Natalie. We went to dinner on Main Street in Park City then went to the Deer Valley condo to play games. We didn't sleep over because we had to up early the next morning to go to the Republican Convention to hear Micah's dad give his campaign speech for State Senator. It was fun to go support him and see him in that role. We stayed for a couple of hours to walk around the various booths while we were campaigned to as though we were state delegates. Eric and Nakita were there too for the Governor's office.
We snapped a photo of Kaylyn trying on her first cowboy hat. She smiled and did her little "huh uh" laugh when we showed her this picture. Micah loved it!

Micah and I were super tired from such an early morning so we tried to take a nap, but I made the mistake of keeping the munchkin in bed with us in hopes of her sleeping too. Needless to say we didn't sleep much. On Saturday night we went to Comedy Sportz with Willie "the Sheriff" Talbot and Grauling. 

Sunday afternoon we went to Jacob & Rachel's baby blessing of their sweet new baby Lucy. There is something so special and so pure about a baby being blessed by their father. I suppose it's knowing that the earthly father is acting on behalf of Heavenly Father- both of whom love this little child so much and want to bless them with everything they need to one day return to live with God. One thing that stood out to me as Jacob blessed Lucy was that she would understand who she was as a daughter of God. That is one of the most important things that I want to instill in my children. I feel like so many of the issues and challenges that people deal with are because they don't understand who they are as a child of God and how important they are to Him. One of the songs in Kaylyn's bedtime lullaby medley is "Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God." I hope those words sink deep into her soul!
Dad and daughter playing. These two love each other so much!

We hung out at the Jeppsen's home for several hours after the blessing. It's so great to be with friends and have hours to just talk and be together. Friends make life so enjoyable. 

On Monday night we went to "drive a house" (auction lingo) in Payson for family night. The only people we know in Payson are the Fitzgerald's who used to live in our ward so we stopped by their house after we ate at a chinease restaurant. Turns out they are moving this week so we were lucky to catch them home! They're a great couple. I love surprise visits:) 

The Jazz just beat the Suns and are going to the playoffs! Sweet dreams:)

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