Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ephraim with Grandma Gwen

On Friday, May 28th Micah and I drove down to Ephraim to meet Grandma Gwen, Micah's parents Allen & Janis, and other members of the Christensen family to see the C.C.A. Christensen (Micah's fourth great grandfather and famous LDS artist of his time) cabin that was moved to downtown Ephraim. It just so happened that it was also the weekend of Scandinavian Days.

Welcome to Ephraim sign

We stayed the at Micah's Dad's cousin's house for the weekend - Carl & Carolyn Christensen - with Allen & Janis. Carl let us all tag along that evening as he went to water his farm. I'm convinced that Carl & Carolyn are some of the best people on earth. They were so warm and so thrilled to have family staying with them. They made us so feel so comfortable and welcome. They kept asking us to stay longer. Saturday morning they called all of their family and organized a BBQ with their favorite barbecued turkey to entice us to stay. How could we resist? I could have stayed there forever.

The main purpose of going to Ephraim was to take Grandma Gwen all around town and have Micah film her as she shared stories of her teenage and early married years. Moyle Christensen and Gwenyth Christensen were both born and raised in Ephraim. We visited Grandma's old house, the movie theater where Grandpa worked and where Gwen got to see movie's for free during their courtship and marriage. It was such a priceless experience. I drove Janis' car while Micah filmed from the front passenger seat, Janis held a voice recorder to Grandma's lips, and Allen took a nice afternoon nap. I can't begin to describe how much I admire and love Grandma Gwen. I'm sure you'll learn about her in many more posts here. I'll elaborate later.

Gwen and Moyle were sealed in the Manti Temple. They eloped because the tradition in Ephraim was for friends of the newlyweds to kidnap them right after they were married, take them to the edge of town, take their clothes, and leave them there to walk home in the buff! I would have eloped too:)

Grandma Gwen & Grandpa Moyle, Allen & Janis, and Micah & Rachel were sealed in the Manti Temple.

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